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Why Beverly International Nutrition? It is safe to say that perhaps 99% of all my current web site visitors are not aware that back in 1978, the three biggest names in muscle building protein supplements for bodybuilders throughout the country, were in fact, Weider, Natural Source, and Beverly International. That's right!!

Beverly International Nutrition, started in 1967, was a major innovator through the seventies and eighties and many of Beverly International's founder, Jim Heflin's nutritional use-protected patented nutritive nitrogen formulas were channeled to research institutions and non-commercial Medical Nutrition facilities. Meanwhile bodybuilders "on the inside" continued to use Beverly International products. In fact, if you think not, Beverly International has documented record that every Mr. and Ms. Olympia winner in the 80's was a Beverly International user. Every winner!!!

But something happened in the late 80's and 90's. Quality and service got lost in the shuffle of mass marketing. Beverly International wanted no part of it. How bad had it become by 1993? Well, it was so bad that in one study by an independent agency in 1993, only two products of twenty-one pulled from the shelf of an Atlanta Health Food store passed a rigid analysis - Beverly International Mass Aminos and Muscle Mass BCAA. Two Beverly International products were pulled. They both passed with flying colors. Nineteen other branded products were analyzed. None passed!

Beverly International firmly believes Weider's name faded in the hard-core bodybuilding industry because as they concentrated on expanding their magazines, including Flex, they assumed, wrongly, that nutritional sales and expansion would just follow suit. It did not. Weider has expanded today by buying other successful brands.

Beverly International, who had pioneered the idea of legitimate products, continued to devote more and more research and product development costs into making better and better products and, like Natural Source, never pushed into the mass commercial marketing promotional arena.

But in the late 80's with Cybergenics, and then in the 90's, first with Met-Rx, then EAS, bodybuilding experienced a veritable marketing supplement revolution. Huge dollars were being spent in advertising, marketing and promotion. These companies happened to make legitimate products with tremendous ad budgets, but too many others just had big ad budgets and poor quality products.

Beverly International Nutrition continued it's low key product development and medical research approach and still made the products highest in efficacy, according to every independent group that analyzes the industry.

Now, post 2000, with new management and freedom from medical and institution use-restriction, Beverly International Nutrition is going to move back into it's rightful place of product quality eminence in bodybuilding. The near 30 years of research and development in formulating protein and amino acid combinations that had been limited in availability due to patent restrictions, cost and sophistication of the manufacturing processes, are now ready to be released on a grander scale.

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